Taking Kruger Park Safaris to the next level!


For most of our guests, the promise of a wild adventure in the iconic Kruger National Park is a must-do. To help make this experience as exceptional as it should be, we offer OSV (open safari vehicle) safari options.

*Please note that prices vary between local (South African) and international guests, as determined by the entry and conservation fees of Kruger National Park.

For an extra enjoyable safari, we took feedback from our guests to heart and created open safari vehicles (OSVs) that have awesome extras for a comfortable and memorable safari. Our open safari vehicles have heated seats for cold/ winter early mornings, and fans to keep you cooler in the summer heat.

Our vehicles are also configured for quality over quantity to ensure that each guest has a ‘window seat’ for a close-up encounter in the wild, and this also complies with social-distancing protocols. In addition, each row has a set of binoculars, and camera stabilizer bags for the photography enthusiasts on board.


Built-in cup holders keep your beverages/ flask with tea or coffee safe and accessible on your adventures, and we know how much you want to share your sightings with friends and family who couldn’t join you, so our vehicles are WIFI enabled (where comms. permit), and each seat has USB ports so that you can keep your batteries/ devices charged and ready for the perfect shot.

For when it gets chilly, we have snuggly blankets and protective ponchos too.
However, none of these thoughtful extras will mean a thing without brilliant, experienced and knowledgeable guides, that are passionate about our world-renowned fauna and flora, so we pride ourselves on offering you the company of some of the best local guides. All packages include a breakfast pack for each guest, and their entry/ conservation fees. 

Guests are collected at, and returned to, Foxy Crocodile, between 3 – 4 pm. The Foxy Crocodile full-day bush experience in the legendary Kruger National Park on our OSVs, with our professional guides costs:

Local Guests – R 1100 p/p & International Guests – R 1395 p/p. Payment to Confirm – 7 days before safari.

*Private safaris for exclusive parties are also available from R 4800 per day for the whole OSV (PAX 6). Payment to Confirm – 7 days before safari.

  • N.B Prices may be subject to change from time to time.
  • Safari Cancellation Policy: 7 days to 2 days before safari – 50%, and 48 hours before safari – no refund.
  • Bookings: All reservations are made by the Foxy Crocodile team, so please advise us well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Sunrise Drive – A sunrise drive on an OSV departing from Crocodile Bridge Gate. 
Sunset Drive – A sunset drive on an OSV departing from Crocodile Bridge Gate. 
Night Drive – An exceptional experience of the wild in the dark of night, when predators and other nightlife are most active. OSV departing from Crocodile Bridge Gate. 
Early Morning walk – An unforgettable pedestrian experience in the wild offering an amazing insight into the fauna and flora of the world-famous Kruger National Park’s Crocodile Bridge area.

Guests booking SANPARKS safaris need to drive to Crocodile Bridge Gate, from where the safaris depart. 

All the above activities are subject to availability and price changes, and booking is essential. As a courtesy, we are happy to facilitate all your bookings (with a small admin fee) – simply let us know which activity you are interested in and request a quote here. *Pleas note: SANPARKS Safaris can only be booked with full payment, and cannot be cancelled/ refunded.

Safari Rules & Regulations

Being passionate about conservation and respecting the rules of SANPARKS, we take the rules and regulations very seriously. These include:

  • No littering.
  • Limited noise.
  • Consideration to animals, the environment and other people.
  • Staying in/ within the confines of the vehicle.
  • Adhering to rules of the road and speed. restrictions.
    .Enjoying nature without compromising the environment, of the birds, animals and insects that live in it.