Luxury Accommodation & Safaris for your Kruger Park Adventures

We’re not the only luxury accommodation in the Greater Kruger Park area. So why are we the only choice for many of our guests?

Well, it might be our location: we’re nestled on the banks of the Crocodile River, bordering and overlooking the world-renowned Kruger National Park.

It may also be our spacious free-standing apartments… designed to allow you an intimate immersion in nature as you relax and recharge in blissful silence, interrupted only by the symphonies of the wild. Here, you can sleep in a hammock or read your book in the pool. You can watch local wild birds and animals conduct their daily business from the comfort of your patio by day and by night, enjoy the warmth of your own private boma fire as lions and hyenas broadcast their primeval messages across the bush.

Of course, our great service and mouth-watering food are highlights too, and let’s just say that our business class guided safaris in Kruger Park are unforgettable…


But for most our guests, staying at Foxy Crocodile Bush Retreat, is like coming home. It’s about escaping from the chaos and demands of the world, and remembering how to stop, breathe, and just live in the moment.

It’s a sensory journey of losing yourself in nature, to reclaim who you really are as you relax and reconnect with the one you love. If this is what you long for, then Foxy Crocodile Bush Retreat & Safari is all you dreamed of and so much more. In fact, some of our guests call it Utopia.


About Us

Avid bush and wildlife enthusiasts, with an acquired taste for the Luxury Bush Retreat style of accommodation facilities, Basil and Riette the owners have chosen to settle themselves at Foxy Crocodile Bush Retreat and Safaris. Whilst on their many visits to the Kruger Nation Park and surrounds, it has always been their dream to settle in the bush with wildlife in abundance while staying in luxury secure accommodation, hence Foxy crocodile Bush Retreat and Safaris became their “perfect fit” and dream come true.

Basil & Riette’s journey, “from the boardroom to the bush” has thus become a reality as the owners of Foxy Crocodile Bush Retreat and Safaris. Adding value to the already class leading Luxury Bush Lodge established in 2016, continuously adding value through their attention to detail, ensuring our guests a private stress-free haven where couples can spend quality time together. Our luxury apartments are each individually and beautifully decorated with everything you would need for self-catering or, should you wish, catered for needs. This is evident in the little details that make Foxy Crocodile Bush Retreat the most sublime romantic escape in one of the world’s most preferred wildlife destinations.

We wish to share our passion for the bush with our many guests from around the world at our prime location, situated on the banks of the Crocodile River, overlooking the Kruger National Park. Whether it is gazing at the bright stars at night, listening to the Hippo, Lions, Hyena and many more sounds of nature, or sitting in your private pool or boma, overlooking the Crocodile River, or going on safari with us into Kruger National Park, we look forward to giving you an unforgettable experience.

Immerse yourself in the wild, and be inspired to live, love and be who you really are.


Please Note: Covid Related Cancellations

At Foxy Crocodile Bush Retreat and Safaris, we have built a reputation of always doing the best we can for our guests. As you can imagine, Covid-19 has changed the tourism landscape significantly, and we now find ourselves in the unenviable situation of having to find a balance between being fair to our guests AND staying in business for your next awesome Foxy Crocodile Kruger escape!

So, in an effort to best serve our guests and provide job security for our loyal staff to keep their jobs, we ask our guests to please note that while our existing cancellation policy covers most situations, any cancellations arising from a Covid-19 related short-notice change of plans, will be dealt with as follows:

We will do our best to fill the booking if guests cannot travel, and then refund the guest accordingly (bearing in mind that attracting short-notice bookings requires discounted rates). However, refunds to guests who are holding on to their booking until the very last minute, with a very good chance of travel restrictions, are strictly dependent on the booking being re-sold. Suffice to say that we will always try to be fair and mitigate the loss to our guests, but unfortunately, we are all in this together, and sometimes there are financial consequences for all concerned. We value all our guests and assure you of our commitment to resolve unforeseen hiccups as fairly as possible. We’ll also do our best to be here, to welcome you when you are able to travel again;-)